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Polyteknik AS is a PVD equipment manufacturer with an innovative and best service approach. With almost twenty years in business, a global reference list, and an excellent platform of technology, Polyteknik AS has turned to be a highly appreciated partner in thin film business. Our business activities is focussed on producing and supplying high quality deposition systems, services and components in the working field of advanced thin film deposition. The majority of our customers and collaboration partners are in the field of: Cleantech business, Semicon and electronic industry as well as university and research institutes.

Thin Film Deposition Systems

Since the Year 2006 a range of platform systems have been developed ranging from small scale R&D to high volume or large area deposition system. Polyteknik AS cover several deposition processes including sputtering, evaporation and plasma enhanced vapour deposition. At Polyteknik AS you will meet a dedicated team interested in a strong cooperation towards the best solution. We offer both “standard” systems and joint customer developed systems for specific purposes.

Contract Coating

Polyteknik AS has various industrial coating equipment installed for daily subcontract coating (SubCon). The SubCon division of Polyteknik AS is during 2016 installing a new large area sputtering system (Infinity VB). The Infinity VB system is expected to be installed ultimo 2016 and will accommodate sputtering of large area substrates of up to 650x3000mm or cost effective throughput of smaller components.

Polyteknik AS is a SME located in Oestervraa, a site in the Northern part of Denmark and has a total production area of approx. 2000 m2, including a 105m2 cleanroom facility dedicated to customer and R&D project activities.

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Polyteknik AS

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+45 9689 2800



Jens William Larsen Manager/CEO