Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies Plus, LLC


  • Beschichtungs- und Plasmabehandlungs-Anlagen
  • Ingenieurbüros und Consulting
  • Plasmatechnik-Komponenten
  • Vakuumkomponenten


  • Maschinen- und Fahrzeugkomponenten
  • Sensorik, Mikrosystemtechnik, Smart Systems
  • Werkzeuge

Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies (Beams&Plasmas™) is an advanced, rapidly developing company from Zelenograd. We develop and produce vacuum equipment for different applications and components for it.

  • PVD and magnetron sputtering deposition of metals and dielectrics
  • plasma treatment and sources
  • ion beam sources for cleaning, etching and deposition
  • electron beam guns for melting and evaporation
  • power supplies

State-of-the-art technical concepts, high reliability and capacity, as well as reasonable prices and compact sizes are distinguishing features of our machines.

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Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies Plus, LLC

Moscow Oblast

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Vassily Grigoriev