Bernt, Dmitriy

M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics of Atomic Core and Particles, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
(former Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute)

Additional education: TRIAM, Kyushu University, Statistical Plasma-physics and Synergetics

Specialization: Plasma-Surface Interactions and Vacuum-based Thin Films Deposition

  • Glass Coating Process Engineer at NSG Pilkington Glass (since 2013)
  • Lecturer at National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) Plasma Physics Department / Centre of Plasma & Laser Research and Technologies (since 2015)
  • Previously: Research-Engineer (2012-2013) / Laboratory Assistant (2010-2012) at the Laboratory of Low-Energy Ions, National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) Plasma Physics Department

Major recent projects:

  • Glass coating facility “green field”-type startup in Ramensky Moscow region 2013-2014
  • Local market direct-oriented glass coating products design, development and introduction
  • Oleophobic properties increase procuring for Low-E and Double-Silver glass coating platforms


  • Plasma-assisted supercapacitors (ionistors) elements modification for properties enhancement
  • Plasma-assisted metals hardening/material erosion-resistance increase

Current scope of scientific interests:

  • Hydrophobity and oleophobity of thin films and optical coatings
  • Structural constructs growth processes in thin films deposition
  • Gas phase transport in thin films


  • Board member at International Council for Coatings on Glass and Plastics
  • European Society of Thin Films
  • Russian Atomic Industry Labor
Mitglied seit: 2016