• Construction of deposition and plasma treatment plant
  • Education and Research

Dr. C.P.G. Schrauwen

Member since: 2000

De Wuurde 78
NB Elst (NL)



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Dr. C.P.G. Schrauwen


It happens at the interface!

Experience, Research and teaching, Vacuum processes and equipment


From 30 years RD&E with a chemical perspective on atoms, molecules and their interactions:

  • Knowledge transfer, from knowledge to business innovations, from research to production
  • Vapour phase deposition (PVD, CVD) on plastic, metal and glass
  • Industrial surface technology, especially in combinations (like PVD + lacquering, PVD + galvanics, in-line production facilities)
  • Material science, especially polymers and plastics, metallization of plastics, adhesion between metal and plastic, and relations between substrate, deposition, structure and properties
  • Nanotechnology, especially nanoparticles in polymers.

Research and teaching

Teacher to transfer knowledge, skills and competences, coach, role model and developer of education for professionals in training and experienced professionals. Near-practice education and guided research on relevant innovative questions from companies (especially SME). Joint sponsored research projects.

Vacuum processes and equipment

At Sidrabe as Consultant, representative and vice-chairman of the Advisory Council.

  • Unique solutions for vacuum coating systems responding to innovative materials market needs
  • Processing polymer web materials, metal foils and strips, large-size flat glass and 3D parts.
  • Deposition techniques including MF, DC and pulsed DC sputtering, e-beam and resistive evaporation, RF capacitive discharge.
  • Custom-developing vacuum coating systems to correspond to specific needs and demands.
  • Coating systems for a wide range of applications: PV materials, Displays, Energy storage, Architectural glass, Horticultural glass, Astronomical mirrors, Electronics, Automotive industry, Protective and decorative coatings
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