Institut für Werkstoffkunde MPA / IfW - TU Darmstadt



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Member since: 2016

Institut für Werkstoffkunde MPA / IfW - TU Darmstadt

Grafenstr. 2
64282 Darmstadt (Germany)

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Prof. Dr. Oechsner


The Institute for Materials Technology (IfW) is a high-performing technical-scientific organisation in research, teaching, and development within the Technische Universität Darmstadt and operates in association with the State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt(MPA) as an independent center of excellence in the entire field of materials technology.

The research of the IfW focuses on the holistic evaluation of component properties covering the relationship “material – manufacturing – design – component stress” with particular focus on reliability in application for a wide range of material systems. Having knowledge of the impact of stresses on the functional properties, it is possible, to modify highly stressed surfaces by a functional surface technology.

For the development of PVD coatings the devices “RF magnetron sputter” and “CC800/9 HiPIMS sputter” of the company CemeCon are available. Depending on request, for example multilayer coatings or specific layer structures can be created. Within the context of our own research the CC800/9 system was upgraded by a liquid precursor unit for realising plasmaenhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Amongst other aims current R&D projects focuses on the specific functionalisation of surfaces via thin film deposition, like

  • Strategies to avoid the formation of deposits in plastics processing machines,
  • Development of microwave heating elements based on (multilayer) PVD coatings and evaluation of its robustness under electro-thermal stresses and cavitation erosion during nucleate boiling,
  • Extension of the applicable potential range of PVD-coated heat-treated steels for use in corrosive environments,
  • Research and creation of mechanically resistant and ultra-hydrophilic PVD coating system consisting of titanium surface layers on polyetheretherketone,
  • Time and function optimization of development processes of machining tools with PVD hard coatings for dry machining as well as
  • Implementation of basic conceptual studies for simulation-supported synthesis of coating systems based on CrAl(X)N for tools applied in dry machining.

In addition, the characterization of functional coatings using state-of-the-art testing methods as well as application-oriented laboratory tests with superimposed corrosive and mechanical stresses are within the scope of activities.