S1 Optics GmbH



  • Contract deposition


  • Machine and vehicle components
  • Architectural glass, displays, solar
  • Optical device construction, photonics
  • Sensor and microsystem technology, smart systems
  • Medical technology and life sciences

Member since: 2017

S1 Optics GmbH

Fabrikstr. 8
72622 Nürtingen (Germany)

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Peter Schmitt


The S1 Optics GmbH is a service provider for high quality coatings as well as provider of complete services and solutions. We develop and produce optical functional coatings using substrate materials such as glass, metal and plastics. You can ask us for dielectric as well as metallic coatings. Furthermore we offer our customers the complete process chain: starting with the first consultation and conception of an ideal solution up to the component and layer system design till a production fitting construction and the final coating of the substrate material.

By this you can get your customized optical components from a single source. The required reflection and transmission properties of your optical components including customized functional layers will be met accurately and thus will guarantee the desired function of your product.

As a service provider we set high value to individual coating solutions. Different physical parameters such as substrate size and shape, substrate material and optical functional layer open up a large diversity of possible products.

By using an optimum combination of these technical parameters we will achieve for you premium coatings on optical and technical glasses, plastics and metals.

You will utilize our qualified cleaning processes and participate in our far-ranging experiences with PVD processes in high vacuum chambers and ion-beam sputtering. This assures you of a high quality for the reliable usage of your final products.