Ionbond AG Olten


Member since: 1998

Ionbond AG Olten

Industriestrasse 211,
4600 Olten (Switzerland)

+31 77 465 6565

+31 77 351 3499

Dr. Gerry van der Kolk


Ionbond is a global leader in high performance coating technology featuring a broad range of hard and low friction coating services and coating equipment. With a unique portfolio of innovative PVD, PACVD and CVD know-how, Ionbond works with its clients to engineer optimal solutions for cutting tools, moulds, general industrial, automotive, aerospace, high performance racing and medical applications and decorative coatings.

Ionbond has a worldwide presence through a network of over 39 service centers in 18 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. The cutting-edge technological infrastructure enables Ionbond´s specialists to provide customized and standard designs that meet customer performance goals and are cost-competitive.